Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with the solutions they need to make informed and profitable business decisions.

Our Values

We think outside of the box. We deliver a unique solution specifically tailored to our clients needs.

Our Objective

Establish an adaptable and reliable solution that enhances client's existing capabilities and streamlines workflows.

Free yourself and your organization from the burdens of technology.
Free yourself and your organization from the burdens of technology.

Think outside the Box….

Founded in 2007, Morgan Applied Technologies has provided professional consulting services for small to medium sized businesses and government. Let us review your current business challenges and help your organization develop a comprehensive plan to move forward.   Out-dated website and infrastructure technologies could be impacting your bottom line as an organization. These  technologies impact your online presence, the ability to deliver your products and services to the market, and the organizations ability to recover from any potential disaster.

Websites that have not been updated in a few years may use of out-of-date coding techniques that do not work properly with today’s smart technologies.  If your site cannot be displayed on mobile devices then you are missing out on a large section of the available market. Additionally, out-of-date coding opens your organization to potential vulnerabilities that may result in damage to your systems, reputation, and client base.   Lastly, a website is only the first step of developing an online presence.  In order to fully maximize your potential in the market you need to leverage the available social media platforms to get your brand out there.  Social media in general can quickly make or break a brand depending on the information that is being shared openly about your products.  Do you currently know how or if your product is being reviewed and / or discussed?  We can help!

IT Infrastructure is at the core of your operation.  Without proper networking technologies, servers, and desktops your business would not be able to provide the necessary products and services to your client base.  However, many organizations fail to realize how a simple investment could greatly impact your bottom line.  For example, a small coffee shop trying to establish its roots in the local community may overlook something as simple as adding a wireless access point to increase the appeal of the location.  In the same context, failure to properly secure that wireless access point has now opened that organization to potentially serious implications involving the use of that wireless access point.  Many small businesses also fail to ensure that they have business continuity plans in place that require customer and proprietary data to be backed up and stored off site in the event of a fire, flood, or other significant unplanned event.

We can help you and your small business with these challenges.  Let us evaluate your current business environment and make recommendations that you can then apply to your organization for a piece of mind and assurance.  If your website and social presence is out of date, let us know and we can assist you with updating your current website design and maximizing your potential on the Internet.


Let us consult with your company to get your web presence and business up to speed. Bring in more customers with an up-to-date social media and adaptable website platform.


We can help you adapt to rapidly changing environments. Is your technology more than four years old? We will review your current Information Systems Architecture and provide a road map for your company to move forward while maximizing your investment in new technologies.


Adjust your business capabilities on the fly, client needs constantly evolve. Let us help you navigate the technology minefield.