Social Intelligence is defined as the capacity to effectively navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and environments.  In the context of the Internet of Things, Social Intelligence for individuals and business implies how their business and / or products are perceived in various forms of social media.

Through the collection and data mining of social media open source, actionable intelligence can be collected that enables a business or individual to improve their popularity, perceived image, and reputation through the Internet of Things. Social Intelligence can assist a business it identifying products and services that perform well versus others that may have a less appealing view. Many businesses fail to fully understand the impact that Social Media may have on their products and services.

For example, a simple tweet by a user could reach three hundred other users.  Each of these users now represents a new starting point for a “re-tweet” which could in turn reach another hundred users.  This could quickly reach a market of ten of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of users within a matter of minutes.  Positive feedback could have a dramatic impact on a product’s marketability and popularity.  Negative feedback on the contrary could quickly lead to a product becoming shunned by the community, even if that negative feedback was due to improper use or unintended use that lead to an undesirable outcome.

Its paramount that businesses actively monitor these feedback loops to ensure that negative feedback is properly addressed and that positive feedback is used to their advantage to increase their market shares.